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Danfoss Oil Burner Nozzle 1.10mm x 80 EH D01-030H8322

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1.10mm x 80 EH | D01-030H8322
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Danfoss Oil Burner Nozzle 1.10mm x 80 EH D01-030H8322 Oil nozzles and the complete oil-burning plant A complete oil-burning plant begins at the oil tank filling connection and ends at the chimney pipe. Every one of the many parts which go to make up the plant must function so that the plant is CLEAN, STABLE and ECONOMIC. Hidden from view at the heart of the plant is a small interesting gadget which looks more like a very nicely done pipe plug than anything else – this is the oil nozzle. The oil nozzle plays a vital role in combustion and it is quite impossible to get CLEAN, STABLE and ECONOMIC plant operation if it is not handled correctly. A technician in the oil burner field will, naturally – or to put it more strongly – necessarily, know about the function of the oil nozzle and of its significance in the combustion sequence

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