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Honeywell DT92E1000 Wireless Non Programmable Digital Room Thermostat

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The new DT92 family of wireless digital room thermostats is a range of market leading products designed to provide comfort with economy in modern heating systems. Comprising a battery-powered room thermostat and a mains switching relay box, DT92 features robust 2-way RF communications between the units. This allows signal strength testing to help the installation process.The RF link between both units is already set (prebound) at the factory, so the product is ready for
immediate installation. Energy efficiency is addressed by state-of-the-art TPI control performance and an ECO button energy saving feature. Applications include control of gas or oil-fired boiler systems, underfloor heating, electric heating and zoning systems. With a modern fresh look that complements any style of décor, and a range of valued features for users and
installers alike, DT92 sets the standard for simple environmentally-friendly wireless room thermostats.


• Energy saving TPI control performance
• Advanced self-learning control adapts to the environment and ensures close temperature control with minimum energy usage
• Slim modern styling
• Simple user interface with large high contrast display and easy-to-read characters
• Display shows room temperature, with option to inquire about setpoint
• 5°C to 35°C setpoint range with 0.5°C increments, using ▲ and ▼buttons
• Off/standby button, allowing manual switch off, with frost protection active
• Adjustable off/standby setpoint 5°C to 16°C or DT92 can be set to off completely
• Room thermostat is battery powered by 2 x AA (LR6) alkaline cells giving up to 4 years battery life (minimum 2 years), with battery low warning
• Simple battery change by unclipping front cover
• Relay switching box is 230Vac mains powered with 24…230Vac SPDT potential-free contacts
• 5 A resistive, 3 A inductive switch rating
• 2-way RF communications at 868MHz radio frequency band, giving typical reliable range of 30m in houses
• Transmission and signal strength test features to guarantee good room thermostat placement
• RF link between units is pre-set at the factory
• Installer Mode allows operation to be customised for the application and the needs of the user
• NVRAM storage of setup parameters, ensuring these are never lost
• Setpoint limits can be programmed in
• Special ‘fail-safe’ mode, should RF communications be temporarily lost
• Manual override possible at relay box
• Optional table stand supplied for thermostat

• Energy saving ECO button allows user to change to a lower, energy saving setpoint for a timed period of their choosing (1…24 hours)
• Display shows countdown of time remaining in ECO energy saving mode


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